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GlobalLink Electronic Trading Platforms

Increasingly, market participants are battling a complex regulatory and commercial environment, making efficient and comprehensive trading solutions vital for organizations to remain competitive. With a shrinking number of banks offering deep liquidity across a broad range of currencies and products, it is important for both sides of the street to choose their trading partners and related technologies with care. Our global suite of award-winning electronic trading platforms is designed to increase transparency, improve trading efficiency and deliver quantifiable execution.

The buy-side continues to wrestle with pressure on margins, with clients expecting asset managers to prove their trades are being executed at the best possible price, using the most efficient methods. Meanwhile, buy-side dealing desks are contending with the fragmentation of liquidity. These dealing desks need to be aware of advances in trading techniques as a result of the continued electronification of trading.

Asset owners have their own challenges, with new regulatory directives in place, demanding that both pension funds and insurers have a better understanding of execution quality.
We offer unified electronic trading across multiple open-source architecture platforms, backed by proprietary research, aiming to provide you with a better-informed trade execution capability.


Boost efficiency and simplify workflows with GlobalLink - our award winning open platform for the next generation of financial services technology.

  • Easy-to-deploy and customizable trading and workflow solutions
  • Interoperable architecture with liquidity, financing, and asset intelligence
  • Best-in-class services including State Street's suit of trading applications as well as single sign on (SSO) to market-leading partners and clients' internal applications

Markets Choice Awards 2023: Best New Product

FX Connect®

Award-winning platform for flexible FX execution, portfolio management and streamlined global operations designed to reduce operational risk and increase transparency. FX Connect simplifies and automates the entire FX trading process - from pre-trade through execution to post-trade settlement.
  Financial News Excellence in Trading & Tech Awards 2023: Best Foreign Exchange Trading Platform
  Euromoney FX Survey 2022: #1 Multi-dealer Platform by volume and #1 for Best Service 2nd year in a row
  Global Finance GW Platt FX Awards 2022: Best Multibank Platform


Automated, multi-source FX liquidity/trade matching platform, offering anonymous or bilaterally disclosed quotes, as well as digital and fixed income trading platforms via private label agreements.

Fund Connect®

Cash management portal providing access to the money market products of multiple providers, with a full reporting suite and the ability to trade Fixed Income Clearing Corporation (FICC) repo products. Choose from more than 400 funds worldwide with access to over 25 leading fund providers.

GlobalLink SynergySM

Outsourced, private label service, offering brokers and regional banks an eFX, Fixed Income and digital asset trading and distribution capability, without the costly investment in infrastructure.


Award-winning suite of post-trade solutions that facilitates automated exception-based management of foreign exchange transactions for matching, confirmation, settlement and clearing.
  FX Markets Asia Awards: Best Post-Trade Provider 2021 & 2022
  Financial News Trading & Tech Awards 2020 & 2021: Best Post-Trade Initiative of the Year


Innovative transaction cost analysis (TCA) platform, offering fully multi asset analytics across FX, Fixed Income, Futures, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies.
  Best Execution Product of 2021 by Risk Markets Technology Awards
  Global Finance GW Platt FX Awards: Best Transaction Cost Analysis 2021 & 2022

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